Saturday, June 2, 2012

Alexa's Bridging

Little Miss Alexa had her bridging ceremony last night with her Girl Scout Troop.  She graduated from a brownie over to a Junior.  Not really sure what all that means, but all I know is, it's just another sign of her growing up! It was a cute hawaiin ceremony-wish I could have gotten some better pics of her but she would NOT smile in any picture I took her her!!  (grr!) And the pic's I did grab were blurry as heck!  ....thinking it's time for a new camera...a GOOD camera!   Congrats Alexa!!  Congrats Troop 567!

OK-are these not the CUTEST little cupcakes EVER!?  The troop leaders did an awesome job!!

We love you sister!!  Great job!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Camping Fun

Easter has been a Camping ritual with us for the last 7 years, with the exception of a few missed years here and there.  This year was special though, we had the chance to spend 2 1/2 full days with our kids with NO interruption from cell phones, TV, internet, etc.  You never realize how much time you lose with your family when these things become so normal everyday.  We also had the chance to spend time with our dear friends, The Ludwigs, who we don't get to see very often.  I would have to say this was the BEST camping trip we've had yet!

So, every year Robin does a Fear Factor game with all the camping kids (there's alot!) and our kids have never really competed because they were either too young or too scared.  Well, guess what?  The twins participated this year, in EVERYTHING!! This was the funniest Fear Factor I've yet to witness!!  Proud to say that my little chillens won some dough....Tyler came in 2nd place and won $20 and Alexa came in 6th place and won $10!!  Great job kiddos!!

Challenge 1: Eat a banana with a stocking over your head!  
Tyler Conquered!!
This is hilarious!!
Alexa did it!!

Challenge 2:  Egg roll with a raw egg....with your nose only!!

He's an animal on a mission to win some MONEY!
She's rockin' this Fear Factor thing!

Challenge 3: Always the worst.... They have to eat the nasty food! blech!

This is that dorian fruit...worst smelling stuff ever!
 Either squid or octopus...either way totally gross
 Can says it all!
 Ever want to make someone hurl??  Buy them Fermented Bean Curd
Tyler's second guessing this whole Fear Factor challenge...
 Her face says it all!
 That's my boy!! He did it!! (he threw up later too, lol)

The best part of our camping trip was this.....

Ya, the kids too!  But see that Camper??  Yep, that's the best.  Thanks to Billy Ludwig & Ralph!  Remember that ugly old camper we salvaged from a neighbor last year??  Well, that was our family project for some time to fix it up, but when Billy made the offer to trade trailers we jumped at the opportunity!! It makes camping amazing!!

The kids, they are LOVIN' this camping thing!!  HA!

 Ty's Buddy!  We love us some Ludwigs!!

 I tried to get pictures of the Easter egg hunt on Easter morning but I left my camera outside in the cold all night and well, it just decided it didn't want to work! :(

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend too!!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Torrential Down Pour

We've recently moved, again!  Yes, this will make the 9th time in 6 years! This move was the last string for us, we've made a promise that we will NOT be moving again until the next move is in our OWN home! Crossing our fingers this will be January 2013!  Everyone was excited to move this time though, moving in to town was a huge bonus for our family!  We LOVE it! 

We recently had a HUGE snow storm right after we moved in, a storm like I have never experienced here in Flagstaff!  Needless to say, the kiddos had a snow day and we all had a blast watching them play hard in the snow!  The first day, the twins played outside for a solid 4 hours with the neighbor kids building underground igloos with hallways and everything!!  Creative little buggers!  FUN times!! 

I don't know anything else to say other then I LOVE FLAGSTAFF!  It's a beautiful place to live!

Another Year Older...

Kyla just celebrated her 14th Birthday last weekend! (Ack!!)  I'm not really sure what happens exactly when you go from 13 to 14 overnight, I mean it's not like I've ever been that age before or anything, but something really major seems to happen.  It starts the dreaded countdown!!......"1 more year until I can get my permit"....."2 more years until I will get to drive MYSELF ANYwhere I want to go".....and..."4 more years until I'm 18 and I can be an ADULT and do ANYthing I want to do"!!  It's almost as if they age about 10 years overnight, if that's even possible.  If only kids today could understand that as adults we'de give just about ANYTHING to go back a few years in the age pool!  Even though a part of my heart breaks to see my sweet little girl growing up, I'm somewhat looking forward to the day that she can experience all the really cool things life has to offer.  But for now, I'm completely thrilled that she's still my little girl for the next 4 years!!  I guess you could say My countdown begins now....enjoy it before it's gone!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful sweet Kyla!  You're an amazing kid and we love you so much!  There's so much I can say about you but the things that stick out the most are luckily some of your greatest qualities.  You are your mother's daughter, stubborn as all could be, but you stand your ground for what you believe, no matter what! You can fight like crazy but your heart is ALWAYS with those who you love and those who love you.  Your heart is filled with so much compassion, you love your family fiercely and it shows in the little things you do.  These things say so much about ones character, you should be so proud of the young lady you are growing in to. We love you so much and even if we have rough patches along the way, I'm so honored to be your mother.  Me & Dad love you SO much!!!!  

Brownie Love

Alexa's new adventure this year has been becoming a Brownie in Girl Scouts.  She LOVES it! She's been in Girl Scouts now for several months and it's been one of the best experiences she's had so far.  Much appreciation goes out to their Troop leaders because these ladies do SOOOO much with these girls!  Not sure how they keep up!  Alexa's been able to be a part of some really cool adventures so far, she's really looking forward to going Flying this upcoming month as well as being able to go to her first Girl Scout summer camp this June!!   MY favorite part is selling & buying the coooooooooookies!!  Yum-Yum!!  I've developed a love-hate relationship with those dang cookies!
Mom & Lexi on a Girl Scout Family Hike to the Volcanic Mountain- FUN!
Love her!

It's a plane, it's a's a Kyla!!


Thanksgiving in Minnesota

I'm playing catch-up here,(what's new?) since I promised myself that I would stay up to date on my blogging! (So far, it seems to be an epic fail)
We got to spend Thanksgiving, 2011, in Minnesota with all the Larsons & Pietan/VanderLouw's.  Old man winter was nice enough to stay away long enough for us to have an absolutely gorgeous visit there!  Weather was nice and perfect, unusually warm! It was an awesome time getting to spend the holiday with the family we never get to see, for Ty it was especially important that he spend this holiday with his Grandma who he hasn't seen in years.   Below are some pictures of our time spent on the Larson Farm and our mini reunion with the Morgan/Pietan/VanderLouw's.
Ty taking the kids to the old cemetery where alot of the Larson's are
(They requested to go to this cemetery 3 times!! It was quite nostalgic)

Ty's Grandpa Larson

Ty's Grandparents old house-all the kids were raised here and Ty spent all his summers here

Aunt Gail & her daughter Lindsay.  Best hostess ever!!

Morgan/Pietan/VanderLouw Cousins (minus a few)

Bill with his sisters

Ty's mom & Grandma Larson

My brat!  :)  Love this girl!

Uncle Brian & Bill

I love this picture!!  Ty and his Grandma!  



Twins-not sure what they are doing but they played in the basement the whole time!  They thought that basement was the best thing EVER!!